Bre Marie Woolf
Bre Marie Woolf Enid, OK
Lee, I am so happy I decided to work with you!! You are the first guy I ever modeled for, You really put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. I am so happy with the fabulous photos! My port stands out with your pics in it! Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with. I can’t wait to shoot again! You’re an angel!
Brooke Vinita, OK
Lee is the only photographer I have shot with. And I’m glad I chose him ! Our first shoot I was really nervous about because I was going to do some photos for my boyfriend. He made me very comfortable and never made it into a big deal and it turned out to be a lot of fun ! Not to mention the pictures turned out AMAZING. Then my friends, Jacki, Susie and I did a bikini shoot together and it was a blast for all of us. We had so much fun with it and Lee had some great ideas. The pictures are so cute ! I just love them. I’ll always go to Lee before any other for a shoot. He’s never let me down and always does a fantastic job. And he has a way of making you feel so beautiful. That’s important in a photographer ! I recommend him to every one !  Thank you for everything, Lee !
Heather Lawton, OK
Really enjoyed working with you! Very professional with excellent communication. Most definitely loved the turn out of my pictures! Look forward to more work in the future together.
Heidi Vinita, OK
Lee is a wonderful photographer because he is just so respectful, nice, and he always makes me laugh. He’s such a down-to-earth guy. Just a true sweetheart. He is my top photographer, putting his heart and soul into every photo he takes. He truly know how to capture beautiful images. I feel so privileged each time I get to work with him. I not only found an amazing, talented photographer, but also a great friend. Love you Lee. Xo Heidi
Hope Oklahoma City, OK
I have always wanted to “step up to the plate” and try my hand at modeling. However the horror stories I have heard from people about their bad experiences and uncomfortable situations has made me wary of the industry. I recently had the opportunity to do a shoot with Lee and I am so happy that I took the chance to do so. Lee helped me to feel completely comfortable even though I had never done anything like this before. He was very professional and offered good advice. Lee has a great sense of humor and a very genuine heart. The images turned out stunning with phenomenal lighting. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with his work. I highly recommend using Lee as your first photographer or bolstering your portfolio thru his artistic eye!
Jacki Vinita, OK
Lee is such a great photographer, and just an awesome all around guy. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone, and go to him before anyone else. I have now done 3 shoots with him and every time they keep getting better! With Lee, I not only got a great photographer, awesome photographs, and a perfect experience, I also gained a true friend. Thank you for everything!
Nikki H.
Nikki H. Ada, OK
Working with Lee was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a model. I had an absolute wonderful time. He was so incredibly professional, respectful and patient. He let me pick out which photos I liked the most and got the images back in a very timely manner. He communicates well. Answers any questions you may have and lets you kick in your own ideas during your shoot. I recommend Lee Baxley for any type of photo shoot you might want. He is a wonderful guy. And an even better friend. <3
Vanessa Swainston
Vanessa Swainston Tulsa, OK
I’ve said this many times about Lee, but he is truly THE BEST!!! I absolutely LOVE this man! He is an exceptionally talented PROFESSIONAL photographer and a genuine gentleman. I trust Lee with my life and would recommend him to anyone that wants to start a fantastic portfolio. He makes you feel completely comfortable (which plays a huge part in being able to capture your “best you”). He pours his heart into his work and when you see the finished product you know that photography is his passion. In this industry you have to be so careful of the photographers that you shoot with…. Making a bad choice in a photographer can lead to compromising, and possibly career ending negotiations being done with your images. Always check your references; your safety and reputation are on the line! I have shot with many photographers, and have a good deal of published work by well known names, and Lee is at the top of my list of FAVORITE photographers I have had the pleasure of working with and can now also call a friend. <3
Whitney McAlester, OK
Lee Baxley gets 10 out of 10!!! Have you ever met someone and almost instantly felt like you have known that person forever?? Well, that is how I felt in my experience with Lee! He is very personable and nice. I am thankful for him being the photographer in my first modeling experience; he made sure that I was comfortable! He helped with the first time nervous feeling so much! I love his photography style and I love how he edits one photo while you are there so you have something to leave with. Also, very quick on editing all photos, being the impatient person that I am, I really enjoyed that part. :) I didn’t only have a GREAT modeling session with Lee, he is now a great friend of mine.. and I cant wait to shoot with him on many more occasions! Thanks Lee!
Raechelle Vinita, OK
I have shot with both Lee and Kimmy together and seperately, and highly recommend them.

The first time is shot with Kimmy, I brought my husband and had an absolute blast. She has a way of capturing a side of me that I don’t see.  I have shot with her multiple times since and am always excited to share my random ideas with her.

The first time I shot with Lee, I brought my then 8 year old daughter and was a bit nervous. We had been talking for about a year and finally set up a shoot. We ended up doing a mommy and me set and some. He was very easy going and calm. When I needed direction he gave it but otherwise let me just get comfortable with him.

Together I get two of the most supportive photographer/editors I have ever worked with. If they think a shot is crap they say so and we take more to chose the best later. Instead of letting look like an ass. I highly recommend these two for all occasions and will continue to use them.

Some of the best friends I have ever had .